Roswell Driver Wakes Up In A Field Of Donkeys After Going Missing In Infamous UFO Spot

Roswell Driver Goes Missing In Infamous UFO Spot... Wakes Up In A Field Of Donkeys

Mystery surrounds the disappearance of a driver and his passenger after a car accident in Roswell, New Mexico.

Medics raced to the scene to find the wrecked vehicle, which had rolled down an embankment - but there was no sign of either party.

The pair later resurfaced seven hours later on Friday morning – and dialled 911 to report they had awoken in a field surrounded by donkeys, KOAT-TV reports.

Donkeys are known to be nefarious associates of the little green men. OK that's a lie

The mystery dissipates somewhat when the driver admitted he and his passenger had been drinking the night before and could not remember the accident.

Police say the driver suffered injuries to a shoulder and his hands and the passenger suffered back injuries.

The driver was issued multiple citations, but the charges haven't been released.

“The driver also stated that he woke up in a field next to some donkeys.”

Roswell is of course the infamous place where several witnesses say they saw a flying saucer in the sky on or about 8 July 1947.

A series of events followed which have since been exhaustively examined and investigated by enthusiasts - and are still debated today.

They involve a press release which was issued by a local US military facility claiming alien debris had been recovered from various points where the crash occurred.

It was also reported that alien bodies were found at the scene and taken away by authorities. The US Air Force later claimed the debris was from an experimental high-altitude surveillance balloon, whereas UFO 'experts' suggest it was of extra-terrestrial origin.


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