24/09/2014 10:51 BST | Updated 24/09/2014 11:59 BST

Three Newspapers That Completely Missed The Point Of Emma Watson's UN Speech

Emma Watson's powerful United Nations speech on feminism rightly earned her a standing ovation - and the ensuing video went viral.

So, naturally, the media have covered the story. Although it seems that the essential message of Watson's call to arms - that men and women should be treated equally - seems to have been lost on some sections of it.

Here was Watson at the United Nations to deliver her HeForShe speech:

Just in case you haven't noticed what she's wearing (and how refreshing is that?), here's a better look:

The reason we bring this is up is that, if you read The Daily Telegraph, you could be forgiven for thinking that Watson delivered her speech in a mini-dress:

Who cares if it's not a photograph from the event that's being covered, as long as it's a racier one where she's showing her legs, eh?

Still, if you were after 'racy', the Daily Star knew exactly which angle of Watson's speech - and the ensuing events - to concentrate on:

Because clearly the only angle to take when covering a story involving a young, female celebrity is the sex one. And clearly, internet trolls who see young, female celebrities as sex objects are evil and in no way get such messages from the media.

Ah well, at least the Daily Mail used the right picture. Oh, wait...

Hmm. Could we be so bold as to suggest the male journalists at the papers above sign up for the #HeIsShe campaign?

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