Barack Obama Saluting Marines Holding A Latte Is A Sure Fire Sign He's Evil

Twitter on the other side of the Atlantic has gone into meltdown after President Obama did something unspeakable with a coffee cup on Tuesday.

#LatteSalute, as the gesture is being called, was captured on a White House Instagram video when Obama disembarked his Marine One helicopter in New York City on his way to the United Nations.

But saluting marines whilst holding a coffee cup is serious business in the US, with Obama's act prompting claims of pure disrespect and anti-America significance verging on treason.

The U.S. Navy manual on customs and courtesies does state that saluting is "the most important of all military courtesies" and recommends not saluting when one is "carrying articles with both hands or being otherwise so occupied as to make saluting impractical.

But some took it very personally indeed, a definite sign the US president hates America.

Obviously ol' Trump and Hannity had an opinion.

They were really, really mad.

Dan even came armed with a Wikipedia entry to back up his bluster.

Bush did send quite a few of them to war though...

This person even thought Nick Clegg was to blame.

And then the conspiracy grew even bigger.

But the calmer people out there saw it as an opportunity to rattle off a good pun or two.

And others sought to add a little perspective.

Then Sally Kohn blew the thing right out of the water...

But of course, some still had an answer for it no matter how ridiculous and petty it made them sound.

And let us not forget the time last year when Obama actually went back and apologised to a Marine he'd forgotten to salute.