Dan Bilzerian Arrest: Instagram Playboy Admits It Was All A Hoax

Dan Bilzerian Faked Being Arrested Because He Wants You To Pay Him Attention

Renowned internet playboy Dan Bilzerian’s public displays of vulgar excess came to an end on Wednesday when he was dramatically arrested.

Footage of the 33-year-old being cuffed by police as he stood by a white sports car was posted to his social media accounts, along with the caption: “It was a fun ride while it lasted, I might be going away for a while.”

The news spread like wildfire – could the man who made his fortune playing poker and spends his days surrounded by naked women and guns – finally be on his way back to earth?

Sadly not.

A day later, Bilzerian - who has close to 5million followers on Instagram and nearly 100,000 on Twitter- posted another video of himself grinning manically and performing a series of handbreak turns in the aforementioned squad car.

“Come on you boys didn’t think I’d let those bastards arrest me did you… #CantKeepAGoodManDown”

So there you have it.

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