Jasmine Tridevil Triple Breasted Hoaxer Halloween Costume

Halloween Just Got Even More Classy With This Triple-Breasted Costume

Jasmine Tridevil’s flimsy claim to have three breasts has spawned the inevitable spin off: A tacky Halloween costume.

Yes, if the prospect of dressing up as Slender Man, Jimmy Savile or a Golliwog doll (sadly these actually exist) doesn’t float your boat, this third mammary gland surely will.

Now, just to be clear, the costume doesn’t come complete, but the brains at Halloweencostumes.com have come up with this DIY procedure.

Wanna look like this? Who wouldn't! You too can model Jasmine Tridevil's triple-breasted 'look'

Tridevil insists the extra breast is the real deal

You will need: Two pairs of fake boobs, a brown wig, a shower curtain and a pink dress, a glue gun and some scissors (all of which are handily available via their online shop.)

Assembly is simple, along with handy tips like: “You can add bronzer to the fake boobs as needed to match your skin tone as closely as possible.”

Thanks guys!

(PS - Until now we hadn't noticed Tridevil appears to be standing in front of a blood stained shower curtain...um, what?!)


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