National Poetry Day: Twitter's Funniest Reactions And Rhymes

#NationalPoetryDay: Twitter's Funniest Reactions And Rhymes

If you think that being limited to 140 characters means you can't write a poem, be funny, or do both, then you don't know Twitter.

Today is National Poetry Day, and the funny tweeters have been out in force. Because as @TechnicallyRon pointed out, Twitter is the perfect medium for poetry:

There were poems about animals:

Variations on a classic:

Poems about the everyday:

And poems about the surreal:

Indeed, toast was something of a theme:

There were lots of poems that didn't rhyme:

And ones that did:

Including a reminder of this pure pop poetry (again, featuring toast):

There were political poems:

And puns:

There were even tweets that appealed for us to think of others:

But in the end, it wasn't always as easy as it looked:


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