Dwarf James Lusted Mistaken For Child & Handed Crayons At Restaurant

A romantic meal for James Lusted and fiancée Chloe Roberts fell flat when restaurant staff mistook them for a mother and son.

Lusted, who is a dwarf, had taken Roberts to a Harvester restaurant in Cardiff when the embarrassing error occurred.

The 26-year-old who is just 3ft 7in, was handed some crayons and a colouring book, while 5ft 7in Roberts was entrusted with the menus.

James Lusted and Chloe Roberts are due to be married in 2016

It was only when their waitress heard Lusted’s deep voice that she realised she’d made a blunder.

Luckily the couple saw the funny side and have been laughing about it since.

Lusted said: "As I said thank you to the waitress she heard my voice and knew I wasn't a child. She immediately put the colouring book behind her back in shock.

"But I am man enough to see the funny side - I would never take offence."

The couple say there are no hard feelings though and have laughed about the incident

The pair, who will marry in 2016, have not complained and vow to visit again with no hard feelings.

Lusted, of Colwyn Bay, North Wales, said: "Life has not been easy - when I was young I had a lot of surgery and went through a time of being bullied in school.

"I have often thought from an early age who would want to marry me, a dwarf from Wales.

"But then I met Chloe and everything just fell into place."

A rare genetic condition called Diastrophic Dysplasia caused Lusted’s dwarfism - both his parents are of average height.

He works as a TV presenter, actor and motivational speaker. He also competed in the World Dwarf Games twice and played badminton at a national level.

Roberts, also from Colwyn Bay, said: "All little girls dream about having their tall, dark and handsome prince charming.

"Never in my life did I think I'd date someone like James. There may be a 2ft height difference but when you are in love little things like that don't matter.

"People sometimes get a bit confused when they see us for the first time but we always laugh it off.

"I felt a bit sorry for the waitress - she felt very uncomfortable."