Kim Jong Un Has Vanished For Nearly A Month - Help Find The Missing Dictator

Where's Kim Jong Un Gone? Can You Spot The Missing Dictator?

Where has Kim Jong Un gone? It's a question that's prompted speculative news articles, tenuous conspiracy theories, concerns about the further decline of North Korea and, now, a fun game for Huffington Post UK readers to play.

Thanks to our picture editor maestros, you too can join in the hunt for the secretive dictator, who hasn't been seen for over a month.

Here's our version of Where's Wally - Where's Kimmy.

Where's Kimmy?

The mystery surrounding the disappearance of North Korea's secretive leader hit fever pitch on Thursday after the dictator was noticeably absent at a major celebration for his party's anniversary.

Kim's apparent no-show has rapidly added to a smorgasbord of media speculation that something is amiss with the portly leader - maybe he has gout, or diabetes, or high blood pressure. Perhaps the Swiss-educated dictator has been laid low by a massive cheese addiction? Or his other apparent obsession: fried chicken and beer.

Here, we examine some other equally plausible locations for the missing Dear Leader.


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