Edwina Currie Calls Striking Midwives Disgraceful, Twitter Hits Back

Midwives went on strike on Monday to protest the Government's decision not to give them a recommended 1% pay rise - and Edwina Currie thinks they're disgraceful.

The former MP 's comments drew stinging criticism from many on Twitter, who said the NHS staff were standing up for fair pay.

The dispute involves over 400,000 NHS staff, who have been hit by pay freezes or below inflation rises since the coalition came to power in 2010.

Unite said a poll it commissioned showed public support for the industrial action, as well as backing for a decent pay rise.

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Workers of the NHS Kings College Hospital in South London

Health workers strike

Currie questioned the validity of the strike.

And then many questioned the validity of her statement.

Undeterred Currie went on to highlight the level of pay midwives already receive.

Which didn't go down well.

Then she had a pop at senior midwives who are slightly better off.

Inevitably, 'The Egg Incident' came up.

And the the floodgates opened...

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