Edwina Currie

“Food banks see first-hand how changes to the welfare system affect people on the ground and so can offer an early warning
It may have been her most awkward tweet since she said Italian paralympians were gorgeous "even in wheelchairs". She wasn't
Edwina Currie and Kendra Wilkinson famously came to blows during their time in the ‘I’m A Celebrity’ jungle, but it sounds
Edwina Currie became the seventh campmate to be voted out of ‘I’m A Celebrity’ on Saturday night, missing out on a spot in
Ever wondered about how Edwina Currie lost her virginity? Truthfully, no, us neither. In fact it’s something we actively
With not much to do in the breaks between drinking mashed up testicles and arguing with your campmates, it’s understandable
Katie isn’t exactly known for mincing her words and to be honest, the ‘I’m A Celeb’ gang have got off lightly. In recent
Her age is an easy target… Kendra had had enough of Edwina's contributions to her debate with Michael Buerk Avid fans were
Edwina Currie’s husband has defended the former MP, after she became embroiled in a blazing row with Kendra Wilkinson in
And she's off.. Probably sensing that it was all about to get a bit heated, Jake Quickenden, Nadia Forde and Melanie Sykes
Meanwhile, sharp-tongued former Tory MP, Edwina, 68, has promised to pull no punches with her fellow celebrities. “If I hear
Edwina Currie is set to arrive in Australia for ‘I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Here’, two years after describing the show
And then many questioned the validity of her statement. Midwives went on strike on Monday to protest the Government's decision
It's hard to argue against the basic idea, that all policies will have to pass a 'family test'. Cameron has said that from October every new domestic policy "will be examined for its impact on the family". The sound-bite accompanying this initiative is "nothing matters more than family."
It is now clear that the freakish peroxide conman Jimmy Savile was one of the nastiest and most vicious paedophiles in British history. At present, according to new research commissioned from the NSPCC by BBC Panorama, there are more than 500 reports of abuse against him, and that figure is almost certainly an understatement, given the almost complete freedom that Savile enjoyed to do whatever he liked to whomever he liked.
Here are the five things you need to know on Wednesday 29 January 2014... 1) OPENING THE DOOR Hurrah! From the front page
Former Tory health minister Edwina Currie has warned that "pernicious" food banks can put local shops out of business and
Wednesday marks the 10th anniversary of George Bush declaring the end of combat operations in Iraq. Despite taking measures
Former Conservative Minister Edwina Currie has named a one-time MP who pinched her bottom in the House of Commons. Currie