'Strictly Come Dancing': James Jordan Slams Guest Judge Donny Osmond Who Gave Frankie Bridge 10 Points

James Pans Frankie's 'Strictly' Perfect Score

Frankie Bridge might have been celebrating getting the first ‘10’ of the current series of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ this weekend, but it seems not everybody was happy with her perfect score.


Guest judge Donny Osmond, who was appearing on the panel as a one-off, awarded the Saturdays singer 10 points for her Paso Doble on Saturday night, though former ‘Strictly’ pro and ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemate James Jordan reckons he was being a bit over-generous with his high praise.

James Jordan

James had already expressed his disdain for Donny’s arrival on the panel, tweeting several times that he didn’t think the singer - who previously won the American version of the show, ‘Dancing With The Stars’, in 2009 - was qualified to judge others’ ballroom dancing.

He wrote:

So, reading between the lines, we’re picking up on some subtle vibes that James might not have been the biggest fan of Donny’s stint on the panel. Just call us Miss Marple.

Frankie Bridge

James was even less impressed with Donny when he dished out his score to Frankie, claiming that she hadn’t done enough to warrant a perfect score, tweeting:

He isn’t the first ex-‘Strictly’ star to suggest the judging panel are getting a bit paddle-happy with their high scoring, after former presenter Sir Bruce Forsythrecently suggested that he thought ‘EastEnders’ actor Jake Wood had been given too high a score for his first performances.


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