#WhereWasKimJongUn Seeks To Explain North Korea Leaders Absence, Largely Fails

Light was shone upon a six-week mystery on Tuesday as Kim Jong Un finally showed himself to the world complete with fetching walking stick.

The North Korean leader had been absent from his normally rather brutal role of running a dictatorship for so long numerous conspiracy theories had grown legs and wandered far and wide across the internet.

In time-honoured fashion this didn't stop upon his reappearance. Oh no, everyone had their two cents worth about where he'd been.

Had he just been catching up on some TV ?

Or maybe chasing a different political career...

Or even a musical one...

Is he heading for Hollywood?

Reports say Kim Jong Un was filming 'Expendables 4' and was injured in a fight scene

— Elliot Wagland (@elliotwagland) October 14, 2014

Surely no one in the world lives more than six weeks from a KFC?

Same goes for McDonalds.

Hmm, seems unlikely.

Oh yeah, remember when that didn't happen?

Oh, poor Chiles.

Top marks for imagination.

Then there was a bit of trending topic crossover.

Now it's getting silly...

But perhaps this is not the end...