PMQs Reaction On Twitter Was Mostly Impressed By Ed Miliband's Sexy Voice

It's Wednesday which can mean only one thing - a bunch of opinionated folk have gathered in a room to see who can shout the loudest and rattle off the best quip.

That's right, PMQs. And poor Ed was at a disadvantage from the start.

Yup, the Labour leader sounded rather worse for wear and confessed to having a very sore throat.

Good one Dave.

But wait! What's this?! People actually like the sound of it!

Wow, just like that the much-sought after cure for Ed's image problem was revealed. He'd just have to spend his days licking the cups of ill people like in that American program.

Yeah that one, thanks Jane.

And the praise kept on coming.

It was all getting very exciting.

Ed was going down a storm. Oh, except for with this chap.

Oh well, can't win them all over.

The next notable point of the session was a touch more serious.

Just as they were sitting down in the Commons...

Yeah he did. Naturally Ed brought it up being quite a terrible thing to say.

But Dave's response got a far from positive reaction.


Next up was the NHS - always guaranteed to stoke a few fires. Here's the official line.

And here's what people think of it.

Although none of this will matter if we're all wiped out by Ebola, so what are you doing about that?

Fair enough.

And what about the name on everyone's lips?

Thanks Jim.

So, did he get to ask a question?

And the tension left the room.

Here's a summary from Joe.

Yes Chris, yes you did.