Virgin America's Epic Six Hour Advert Will Bore You Into Flying With Them

This is the most boring advert ever. In fact, at nearly 6-hours long, it's also the longest.

The weird thing is, while the epic piece is supposed to be boring, it's also slightly addictive.

Virgin America created the film, which features creepy mannequins sitting on a plane and takes no less than 5 hours 46 minutes and nine seconds to watch.

The bizarre video is supposed to show the worst things about air travel by recording a flight on a fictional Virgin competitor, BLAH airlines, in real-time.

So boring, you might just fly with Virgin...

Flying with BLAH (unlike Virgin, the ad suggests) is so dull and uninspiring that its passengers are literally bored stiff.

Flicking through the video is a bit like watching reality television. With mannequins. The rigid passenger spends time doing crossword puzzles, looking at his laptop and cup of coffee, or simply staring at the back of the seat in front of him.

One YouTube commenter joked: "This starts to really pick up around hour five - hang in there!"

You've got to pity the long-suffering camera crew who had to sit through making the whole thing though.