BBC To Publish List Of Articles Hidden By 'Right To Be Forgotten'

The BBC has confirmed that it will publish a constantly updating list of all its articles that have been removed from Google under the controversial 'Right to be forgotten' ruling.

David Jordan, editorial policy head at the organisation announced the move at a public meeting that was being hosted by Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt.

Speaking at the meeting being hosted by Google's Eric Schmidt, Jordan expressed concern that some of the articles had been 'wrongly hidden' instead urging that greater attention should be given to the public's 'right to remember'.

The BBC will start publishing the list of around 46 articles in the 'next few weeks'.

Both the BBC and the EU have expressed concern at how Google has been handling the requests after a blog post by BBC Economics Editor Robert Peston was removed. It's believed that the removal was approved following a request by a person that had commented underneath the blog.

Google has been struggling to keep up with requests since the European Court of Justice ruled that under certain circumstances, an individual could have a piece of online content about them removed from Google's search results.

Since then the search engine has been receiving around 1000 requests per day to have content removed with each case having to be looked at, reviewed and then approved.

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