17/10/2014 10:08 BST | Updated 17/10/2014 12:59 BST

Katie Hopkins Tells Chloe Madeley To 'Accept' That Online Abuse Is Part Of Being On TV, After Twitter Rape Threats

Katie Hopkins has publicly told Chloe Madeley to “accept” that online abuse is par for the course when you’re a celebrity, after she was bombarded with rape threats on Twitter this week.

Chloe was met with a flurry of abusive messages when her mum, Judy Finnigan, made some controversial statements about convicted rapist Ched Evans during her debut appearance on the ‘Loose Women’ panel, claiming his attack on a 19-year-old girl was “non-violent”, for which she has since apologised.

Katie Hopkins

Katie has become one of the most polarising figures in the British media since she first appeared on ‘The Apprentice’, thanks to her unrelenting views on topics as varied as obesity, terrorism and the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, and she reckons if you want to be on TV you need to be prepared to put up with the abuse that comes with it.

She adds: “The thing about putting yourself on telly is you need to accept the reaction you get. The fact people are interested in what you are about to say and are prepared to join in the conversation is your asset."

Following this, Katie suggests that Richard was “rather enjoying the recent press attention” surrounding the controversy, adding that Chloe should be grateful her views are being heard at all, writing: “Does [Chloe] really think that, without the network of her mother and father, she would have been on ‘Dancing on Ice’?

“As a model and freelance journalist she’s been skating on thin stuff for years.”

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