Dash Cam Captures Moment Lorry Pushes Car Sideways On Motorway


In terms of things that could go wrong on the motorway this has to be one of the least likely, but most scary.

A lorry driver's dashcam has captured the terrifying moment a car tried to pull out in front of his lorry and ended up being spun onto its side and shunted for over 100 yards.

The incident took place on the M25 motorway and involved a silver Honda Civic that just couldn't pull out fast enough, instead the driver horribly mis-times his maneuver and ends up getting shunted by the lorry.

It's incredibly lucky that the car wasn't flipped into its side, instead just spinning around while the lorry driver calmly moves the lorry over to the side of the motorway before slowing down ensuring that thankfully, no one was hurt.

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