As with all things economic, Brexit was never going to be an easy journey, but the idea that things will get better over time is as daft as thinking a new motorway will permanently ease congestion and boost economic growth. Sadly, in the real world, things are never that simple.
More than 70 firefighters have been tackling a "difficult" fire in an industrial yard near the M25, which has caused ash
Commuters faced delays of up to 40 minutes on Wednesday morning after a large vehicle transporter caught fire on the M25
Heathrow is expecting 129,647 passengers to depart today as the school holidays begin. A further 500,000 passengers are expected
A woman has died after being hit by vehicle as she walked along the M25 in the early hours of this morning, police have said
A man has died following a pile-up involving four lorries on the M25 motorway. The man, believed to have been a 39-year-old
In terms of things that could go wrong on the motorway this has to be one of the least likely, but most scary. A lorry driver's
A driver and passenger have walked away from a crash which left their car hanging over a motorway. Their vehicle hit a barrier
Britain's big Easter getaway got off to a difficult start on Thursday as motorways in the south east clogged up following
A man has died after a crane fell from a yard on to the M25. The man, who is believed to have fallen from the crane, was