Woman Posts Picture Of Her 'Cleavage' On Reddit, Snares Pervs Actually Looking At Her Husband's Bum

So, you thought you'd click on a juicy ole cleavage shot, ay?

Well we're here to tell you pal, this here is a boob-free zone.

One quick-witted Reddit user decided to take a photo of her husband's bottom in a dimly lit room.

Noticing that, in the photo, the bum resembled a pair of breasts, she then cropped the image and posted it onto the r/GoneWild subreddit - a community in which users "exchange their nude bodies for karma; showing it off in a comfortable environment without pressure."

Capitalising on the lecherous community Reddit is getting a reputation for - see our article on Nude Women At Festivals Reddit Thread - this clearly pleased a lot of other Reddit users who proceeded to directly message poshpink330 about her fine pair.

After she'd had her fun, the practical joker then posted a shot of her husband's bum - sans editing - on the site...

And with flash... *shudders*

"Glad everyone loved my husband's a** crack. I'm glad it gave you the comfort you needed - all 51 of you who pm'd me," she posted on the social sharing site.

We're glad she 'cracked' that one.