Google 'Inbox' Will Change Email Beyond Recognition

Google Just Reinvented Email

As part of its switch to Android 5.0, Google has been looking at its core apps and how they can change them for the better.

At the top of the list was Gmail and so today Google has unveiled 'Inbox' a revolutionary new app which completely reimagines how an email account should work.

For starters it doesn't look like email, not even slightly. In fact you'd be hard-pressed to find an email app that looks even similar to this one.

Instead 'Inbox' is a hybrid between Google Now and Gmail, blending essential emails with cards that turn those emails into actions or events.

So if an email comes in with an event invitation, 'Inbox' automatically turns it straight into a calendar card which you can either approve or shun.

The whole process has been designed to streamline how you use your inbox, rather than constantly staring at the number 'Inbox' is a stream of information that can be dismissed or engaged with.

It's a bold vision and one that Google is hoping will kill off every person's desire to hit the magic '0'.

For those that see this new card-based future with a mixture of fear and trepidation don't worry, at the moment it's invite-only on Android or iOS while Google works out if people actually want it or not.

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