03/11/2014 09:45 GMT | Updated 03/11/2014 10:59 GMT

Man Tries To Defend Catcalling On Live TV - And Fails Miserably

Unless you were living under a rock last week, you'll have no doubt seen the catcalling video that went viral.

If not, let us catch you up. Actress Shoshana Roberts secretly filmed herself as she walked the streets on NYC. In no less than 10 hours she received 108 catcalls from men - that's one every six minutes. The video was made in partnership with for the nonprofit anti-street harassment organisation Hollaback!

The video has been viewed far and wide, and reactions have been mixed. Some commend the video for shining a light on street harassment, while others have criticised the video for having a racial agenda.

Fast forward to Saturday and CNN news anchor Fredricka Whitfield was joined by stand-up comedian Amanda Seales and author Steve Santagati to discuss the video.

Little did they know that Steve would try - and spectacularly fail - to defend catcalling, live on air.

cnn catcalling

“The bottom line is this, ladies. You would not care if all these guys were hot,” he says. “There is nothing more that a woman loves to hear [than] how pretty she is.”

Feminists have an "a la carte" attitude when it comes to equality, he says.

Watch the video above to see him get taken down by an extremely unimpressed Amanda Seales.

"You are not an expert on this my brother, because you are not a woman walking in the street," she says.

Well said, Amanda. It's safe to say you are now our new feminist hero.


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