05/11/2014 07:45 GMT | Updated 05/11/2014 07:59 GMT

Giant Fatberg Clogs Up Sewers Beneath Government Buildings In Whitehall

The source of all the crap that comes from Westminster has finally been discovered.

It turns out that those in Whitehall are responsible for one of the most disgusting things Thames Water has ever seen.

Horrified workers uncovered a giant “fatberg” made up of condoms, sanitary products and faeces, lurking just beneath the feet of those running the country.


Behold, a big lump of crap from the Government

Technicians from Thames Water were sent in to clear the 66-foot monstrosity (that's almost as long as a bendy bus) after wet wipes created a stinky, rock-hard, congealed horror.

Dave Dennis, the sewer manager for west London, said: “We find objects down the sewers every day that should not be there. Planks of wood, plastic bottles, and the bane of our lives – wet wipes.

“They may say flushable on the packet but they don’t break down inside the sewer. They cling to cooled cooking fat and form fatbergs, which block pipes and flood our customers with sewage.”


The slimey mess

He described the mass "like concrete" to a repulsed ITV reporter who reluctantly went into the tunnel.

"Why I agreed to go down there I'm not sure. The smell coming off the guys who were down there wasn't great," Martin Stew sadly noted before squeezing down a manhole to face the fatberg.

"What I found at the bottom of the ladder 10 metres below Whitehall is even worse than feared," he said.


Poor Martin...

Mr Dennis begged people to avoid the “horrific experience” of sewer flooding by being cautious about what they flush.

He explained that fatbergs cost about £12 million a year: "We pay for it but the customers pay for it too," he said. "They pay for it through their bills they also pay for it through their bills and also the misery because its not nice if you get internal flooding."

“Please remember next time you go to throw cooking oil down the drain or wet wipes down the loo -bin it, don’t block it,” he said.

Britain's biggest fatberg threatened to blast the covers off manholes to create a sewage geyser in Kingoston last year after sewers were clogged with over 15 tonnes of fat.

Another fatberg the length of a Boeing 747 was discovered underneath the streets of Shepherd’s Bush.