Thames Water engineers have started a three-week sewer war against a 250 metre-long fatberg around 10 times bigger than the
The source of all the crap that comes from Westminster has finally been discovered. It turns out that those in Whitehall
The source of a fishy smell wafting from drains in Shropshire has been identified – as a pile of dead piranha fish. Engineers
In July 2013, Thames Water found a 'fatberg' as big as a bus. If left untreated, great deals of fat could have oozed out of drains, another oddly Dickensian thought...
Riding the roomba of news in a shark costume. The Doctor will see us now. And in quite some style too, with Zoe Ball presenting
A 15 tonne mass of fetid kitchen grease mixed with baby wipes has been dislodged from a London sewer. The so-called “fatberg
After 12.47pm, there was only one story in the news on Monday. The announcement by Lady Thatcher's spokesman that she had
Giant globules of fetid kitchen grease called "fatbergs" blocking London's sewers are to burned at the world's biggest fat