05/11/2014 10:24 GMT | Updated 05/11/2014 10:59 GMT

Lea DeLaria, Orange Is The New Black Actress, Shuts Down Evangelical Preacher On Subway

NEW YORK -- There’s nothing worse than boarding a train only to find some God-obsessed charlatan loudly discharging bronze-age superstitions from the end of the carriage.

Most people bury their heads in their paper… but not Lea DeLaria, an outspoken lesbian actress currently staring in the niche US prison series Orange Is The New Black.

Finding herself sharing air with one of the flock on the New York subway this week, DeLaria refused to let the preacher speak, shouting over him to prevent him from spewing his evangelical line – an incident caught on camera by a fellow commuter.

"You have no right! Go to another train," DeLaria shouts. "Get off this train. Other people believe other things and have every right to believe other things on this planet and in this world. We do not have to be force-fed this man's religious beliefs. Jesus never said for you to do this -- ever!"

When the preacher attempted to respond with scripture, the actress delivered the knock-out blow: ”Don't come at me because I went to f**king Catholic school for 12 years and I know every line."