Aldi Xmas Ad - Supermarket's Answer To John Lewis's #MontyPenguin Xmas Ad


While the first bells of Christmas were officially run this morning with the advent of John Lewis's Christmas ad, featuring the feathered talents of Monty the Penguin, rival store Aldi have uncovered their own festive offerings, with far more wholesome, inclusive fare.


Aldi's message is clear - something for everyone

We see lots of different families around the dinner table, as well as friends, co-workers - in uniform, reminding us that not everyone gets to spend the holiday arguing over the remote control and looking for the dice - all eating lots of Aldi food.

Aldi's regular star, pensioner Jean Jones, makes her cameo, and celebrity is represented in the form of Jools Holland and his band playing us out...

Click here to see John Lewis's highly-anticipated offering, and let us know - which one makes you feel more Christmassy? Share your thoughts below...

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