Cannibal Matthew Williams 'Ate Woman's Face' In Wales Hostel

A woman has been found murdered in south Wales, with police Tasering her alleged 'cannibal' lover as they saw him 'chewing her face'.

Murder suspect Matthew Williams, 34, had apparently eaten half of the young woman's face and one of her eyeballs when Gwent police burst in and fired a 50,000 volt Taser at him. He was handcuffed and removed from the room, but became unresponsive. First aid was given by police and paramedics but Williams was later pronounced dead.

Officers were called to the former bed-and-breakfast in Argoed, Blackwood around 1.20am where Williams was reported to have been attacking the 22-year-old in the hostel for homeless people.

Matthew Williams, who is suspected of eating a woman's face

The police force said in a statement that the pair were both local to the area and confirmed they were not looking for anyone else in connection with the deaths. Forensic experts have been seen going in and out of the hotel, in white suits.

The two were in a relationship, according to BBC reports, but Gwent Police refused to confirm the connection.

Neighbour Jill Edwards told the Mirror: "This animal was eating this girl to death. He murdered her so police stopped him - good on them.

"Security said they told him no girls in his room and he didn't answer, when they opened his door he was eating her face."

Local resident Lyn Beasley said she had been told Williams - known to his friends by the nickname 'Fifi' - "went Hannibal Lecter on the woman".

"He gouged her eyeball out, ate them and ate and half her face. He had just been released from prison and was high on coke."

Media reports say Williams had been released two weeks ago after serving a five year sentence for a violent attack on his partner.

The former bed-and-breakfast where the attack took place

June Trace, secretary of Argoed Baptist Chapel next door to the hostel, told the broadcaster the former Sirhowy Arms had been converted into accommodation for vulnerable people, with a "fluctuating population" of people.

"There's never been any trouble or anything."

"What has happened has hit the community for six, knocked the stuffing out of the village," local councillor Leon Gardiner told the BBC. "I have lived here all my life - 80-odd years. I feel very upset about this."

"This is the worst tragedy that has happened for us as a village," he told AP.

A Gwent Police spokeswoman said: "We were called at 1.23am after a reported that a man was attacking a woman in the Sirhowy Arms Hotel.

"On arrival both the male and female were still at the location.

"A Taser was discharged and a man was arrested. The woman was located with injuries and has since been pronounced deceased.

"While under arrest, the man became unresponsive. Officers and paramedics administered first aid but he has since been pronounced deceased."

An IPCC spokeswoman said: "The IPCC is independently investigating an incident overnight in Blackwood in which a man and a woman have died.

"Gwent Police referred the incident to the IPCC early this morning."

A spokeswoman for the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) said that up until now, there have been no deaths attributable to Taser use recorded in the UK.

"There have been deaths where Taser has been used, but inquests have revealed these people have died from other injuries or reasons," Acpo said on its website.