Nigel Farage To Russell Brand - 'We're Not So Different, You And I'... 'PARKLIFE!'

Ukip leader Nigel Farage has said he has "a lot of sympathy" for the November 5th protesters and comedian Russell Brand for wanting a revolution to overhaul politics, claiming he and they were driven by the same values.

In his column for the Independent, Farage said he had more in common with the thousands on the Million Mask March than they might think.

And he said that he could see why people listen to Brand, even though he is "talking in riddles about how he'd run the country" and "doesn't really say anything".

"Everywhere you look there is discontent with the mainstream, the establishment, with the corporatist politics that we've been spoon-fed for the past few decades... And who can blame people for wanting to put an end to the cronyist politics that plagues the West?

Russell Brand joins the protestors in Parliament Square during the Million Mask March

He said the activists, several of whom were arrested on the march, had a "slightly different view as to what a society should look like" and had mistake "capitalism for corporatism".

"But we're driven by the same innate passion to see radical change in our politics," he continued. "It's this discontent that is leading a left-wing populist party to success in Spain; a right-wing, populist party to success in America; and an anti-EU, policy-wonk party to successes in Germany.

"The political classes would have you believe that the voters are wrong, and can't see all the good the mainstream parties are doing. People are “disaffected” and “disenfranchised”, they'll tell you. But simply look at the scale of online activism and the almost exponential growth in people willing to put their names and signatures to causes they believe in.

"All around the United Kingdom people are itching to become involved in the political debate. Just, sadly for Mr Cameron, Mr Clegg, and Mr Miliband, not alongside any of them."

"He looks and sounds different to most of the others on offer. Kudos, Mr Brand - if your attempts are genuine - to try and get more people engaged in the political debate. Oh and might I add: Parklife!"

Farage's closing quip is a reference to this tweet about the Blur song, which went viral, and led to many on social meida replying with 'PARKLIFE' to everything Russell Brand tweets.

Farage's teasing didn't go down well with Brand:

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