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Kelly Brook's Ex-Fiancé David McIntosh: 'I Felt Bullied In Our Relationship, She Would Say Disgusting Things During Arguments'

David McIntosh has opened up about his turbulent relationship with ex-fiancée Kelly Brook, revealing that he felt “bullied” by her.


In a shocking new interview with Reveal magazine, David describes how over the course of their time together, Kelly would put him down constantly, and repeatedly told him how she regretted ever getting engaged to him.

kelly brook

Kelly Brook and David McIntosh

The former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star admits that things didn’t start off so bad, explaining: “The thing is, Kelly was so amazing to begin with. She was attentive, we had a laugh together and I was relaxed with her.

“I tried to cling on to that but she changed so much - I've never been so berated by a woman in my life.”

David goes on to say that Kelly would hurl “disgusting” insults at him while they argued, confessing: “It sounds soft but it was like being bullied. She would say childish stuff to try and hurt me all the time.

"She would tell me that I was useless, I was no good or that I wasn't nice, even though I did everything for her, from making her breakfast every day to buying her little presents all the time.

“I was walking on eggshells and my friends noticed such a change in me, mainly because I didn't go out anymore. I lived for Kelly and I basically followed her around.”

Kelly is yet to address his bullying allegations, but judging from this snap taken of her on Wednesday afternoon, she doesn’t seem too concerned about her ex’s latest comments.

kelly brook

Kelly photographed in LA on Wednesday


It looks like it's truly all over now, sadly, but here's Kelly and David's turbulent love story from the beginning...

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