13/11/2014 10:00 GMT | Updated 13/11/2014 16:59 GMT

Sainsbury's Christmas Ad Is 'Better Than John Lewis', Internet Proclaims

John Lewis's hotly anticipated 2014 Christmas advert starring Monty the Penguin generated an online frenzy last week.

But it seems that the Sainsbury's Christmas offering may just have knocked Monty out of the nation's hearts.

Sainsbury's launched its Christmas ad, an epic three-minute film recreating the famous World War One 'Christmas Day truce' football match in no-man's land, last night.

Has Monty been knocked off the top spot?

The ad, which has been made with armed forces charity the Royal British Legion, sparked a warm response online.

On Thursday morning there were 6,465 mentions of the Sainsbury's #christmasisforsharing hashtag on Twitter, according to social media company We Are Social, while there were only 1,033 mentions of John Lewis' #montythepenguin.

But the WWI ad has a way to go to overtake John Lewis's penguin film: there have been 174,000 mentions of the #montythepenguin hashtag in November overall.

John Lewis bosses can't have helped but notice that lots of people were comparing the two ads, with Sainsbury's often declared the best.

Some tweeters also noticed that both John Lewis and Sainsbury's are selling a product from their adverts, but while John Lewis' is a £95 toy penguin, Sainsbury's is selling a £1 chocolate bar for which all the the profits go to the Royal British Legion.

The Sainsbury's ad also isn't without its critics: some felt that it was inappropriate that the supermarket was making use of a historical conflict in its advertising.