Katie Hopkins Unmercifully Torn To Shreds By George Galloway


George Galloway has said "rat-face" Katie Hopkins should be sent into space to save humanity from her "offensive, obscene comments," in a calmly measured rant that queries why she hasn't been locked up yet.

Responding to a viewer question which asked the MP if he could beam one person to permanently join the probe Philae aboard Comet 67P - who would he pick, Hopkins was unceremoniously nominated following her controversial comments on Palestine and Israel earlier this week.

"I agonised about some of my political enemies," Galloway said. "But I came down to someone who not everyone in the world will know - and they're the lucky ones."

"Her name is Katie Hopkins," he explained. "She's a columnist on the down market, sewer rat newspaper The Sun and she's been getting down and dirty," Galloway stated.

The unofficial winner of Rent-A-Gob 2013/14 sparked the MP's wrath after posting a series of tweets this week accusing Muslim men of being wife-beaters and calling Palestinians "filthy rodents".

Appearing on the Iranian state propaganda TV channel Press TV Galloway responded by saying her tweets were a very "odd choice of words, calling the Palestinian people rodents, when she's a rat-faced [EXPLETIVE BEEP] herself.

"In fact she is the lowest of the low, even amongst the Sun columnists… her personal behaviour, not just on television… but because of her political views, which run the range of right to extreme right writer than Ghegis Khan," he said.

Why, Galloway - who is not lacking in Twitter scandals himself - asked, is Hopkins not facing police investigation for her shocking comments?

If a Muslim had said the same, he argued, they would "already be under arrest" - backed by the media and politicians alike.

"We have laws against hate speech," he said. "Against deliberately seeking to incite hatred which is usually followed by violence against any group of people."

When will television companies stop "inviting them to their sofas?" he asked. "When will Rupert Murdoch stop paying her money to write offensive obscene comments?"

"I guess we will wait a long for that one."

The film, which was posted to social media, led to an outcry, with many lambasting the veteran politician for saying that Israelis would not be welcome in a British city.

Galloway's appearance on Press TV, the only broadcaster inside Iran, has also sparked controversy as the channel has faced multiple allegations of anti-Semitism.

But Galloway is far from alone in his calls for Hopkins' prosecution and the Huffington Post UK reported that her arrest could actually be possible.

Media lawyer Steve Kuncewicz has said a prosecution is possible if a complaint to police were made - but, if it happened, it would be more likely to be a racially-aggravated breach of the Public Order Act, which forbids public behaviour that causes others "harassment, alarm or distress".

He said prosecutions for posting to Twitter had to go through "a lot of hurdles" and the Crown Prosecution Service decide not only that a conviction was likely but that it was in the public interest.

He said any police investigation would have to look at it "very carefully" and consider issues such as the right to free expression under the European Convention of Human Rights.

He also said there were aggravating factors - including the fact she had not apparently shown any remorse - that could make authorities want to "make an example of her".

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