Saudi Groom 'Demands Divorce From New Bride As Soon As She Removes Her Veil'

A Saudi groom is reported to have demanded a divorce on his wedding day after seeing his new wife’s face for the first time.

The unnamed man is said to have performed the abrupt U-turn when his bride removed her veil as they prepared to have their photograph taken at a wedding hall in the town of Medinah.

“When he looked at the bride, he instantly divorced her,” daily newspaper Okaz wrote on Sunday.

In comments translated by Emirates 24/7, it added: “He told her that he was sorry because she was not the woman he wanted.

“The groom said he had not been able to see his bride’s face before the marriage. When he divorced her, the bride collapsed and the wedding turned into a night of tears.”

It’s difficult to verify a story where nobody is named, but the sad tale has been picked up by several reputable Middle Eastern news channels.

Al Bawaba cites social network users as branding the groom “totally irresponsible” and “utterly insensitive.”

User Afra is quoted as saying: “He caused her great pain through his irresponsible attitude and he deserves to suffer.

“He should appreciate that beauty is in the character, not the face.

“Unfortunately many young people today are interested only in looks and ignore values and morals. May God give her a better husband who will appreciate her for who and what she is.”