Dramatic Video Shows Strangers Lift Car To Save Trapped Woman After Horrific Crash

Dramatic Video Shows Good Samaritans Lift Car To Save Trapped Woman

Dramatic CCTV footage from Zhejiang Province, China shows hordes of strangers rushing to save a woman trapped under the wheels of a 1.5 ton car.

The lucky escape came after her moped, on which she was riding pillion, was knocked down on a busy intersection on Thursday.

Within seconds, passers-by are seen running to her aid, heaving the vehicle off the ground.

The strangers are joined by the driver halfway through the operation, and they eventually manage to hoist the car away.

The vehicle, which appears to be an Opel Astra Estate, required over a dozen people to lift before the female could be safely removed.

The victim was taken to hospital after her brush with fate, where she is believed to be recovering.


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