Driver Removes 'Rape Truck' Sticker After Image Causes Fury On Twitter

Last week Dapper Laughs was dropped by ITV. This week "pick-up artist" Julien Blanc has been denied entry to the UK. We thought the world must have finally cottoned on to the fact that violence against women is no laughing matter.

But unfortunately it seems there are more men out there who think misogyny is just one big hoot.

A man has been driving round with a picture showing a woman bound and gagged on the back of his pick-up truck.

Thankfully, he is thought to have recently removed the image after he received a visit from the police.

Police became involved in the incident after a mother spotted the truck and posted a picture of the offensive sticker on Twitter.

Speaking to HuffPost UK Lifestyle, the woman - who wishes to remain anonymous - said when she first spotted the sticker, she was confused.

"We couldn't understand how anyone would believe that was okay," she said. "Then the psyche of the owner was really queried as we understood that this image was for 'fun'."

The image has divided Twitter with some saying the image is "sick"...

While others have defended the picture as part of a harmless joke.

According to The Mirror, Chief Inspector Steve Palmer, Leeds City Centre Commander, said: "We were contacted on Saturday by a caller raising concerns about a photographic image they had seen on the back of a pick-up truck in Leeds city centre which made it appear there was a female bound and gagged in the back of the truck.

“These concerns were also raised on social media which prompted a number of similar complaints to West Yorkshire Police.

"It was clear that a number of people had found the image offensive and had been alarmed and distressed by it being displayed in public."

The man believed to be the owner has now removed the image from his truck.

We're wondering why stickers like this are even on sale in the first place.

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