violence against women

The male officer was not charged or suspended over the 2017 allegations.
Attack on pregnant woman was latest in "substantial spike" of male violence targeting Stamford Hill's Orthodox community, says rabbi.
Campaigners are worried Covid will be used by perpetrators to be given lenient sentences – while women who kill after abuse get stiffer punishments.
For this change to offer justice to all women, the VAWG sector must learn to recognise trans women survivors as both the women and survivors that they are, writes Evie Muir.
Boris Johnson's frontbenchers call Labour shadow ministers "not appropriate" as they speak out in Commons over violence against women.
From autumn, all police forces in England and Wales will be asked to record crimes caused by “hostility” based on sex or gender.
Some of us have lived for years, even decades, with what many of you are only just noticing. For us this isn’t a moment, it’s a lifetime.
Home secretary says people holding “ACAB” signs will be “subject to consideration” in response to the controversial handling of the event.
Charities and MPs slam "absurd" decision not to include Liz Truss in crime and justice taskforce.
Covid rules mean police can violently shut down protests like they did on Saturday. Now those powers could become permanent.