Britain First Teach BBC's Nick Robinson A Valuable Lesson After Selfie Gaffe

Much to his own horror BBC reporter Nick Robinson was unwittingly pictured posing with Britain First's deputy leader yesterday during the Rochester by-election campaign.

The presenter faced a fierce backlash on Twitter after being photographed with Jayda Fransen, who is known for her role in the far-right group's so called Mosque invasions.

Furious social media users even suggested Robinson was a secret supporter of the pseudo-militia organisation - self-described as “a patriotic political party and street defence organisation”.

But Robinson was quick to clarify that he did not realise who he had posed with and told his critics to "grow up".

Britain First have this morning created an awkward situation for Nigel Farage after claiming Ukip's by-election victory in Rochester was a result of their own campaigning in a "triumph for the right wing."

The group posted an extraordinary rant claiming "we told everyone to vote Ukip!" and claimed they "even refrained from putting Britain First on the ballot papers to avoid taking any votes from Ukip."

But the group failed to mention they actually only received 56 votes.

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