hope not hate

More than a quarter of Brits polled said they believed that "secret Satanic cults exist and include influential elites".
The Hope Not Hate survey also found two-thirds of Black, Asian and minority ethnic people in Britain feel the police are racially biased.
Leader Paul Golding was found guilty of an offence under the Terrorism Act earlier this year.
He later edited the post and said it was not his intention to fuel xenophobia or target Chinese people.
Hope Not Hate tells HuffPost UK deplatforming far-right figures including 'Tommy Robinson' can stop organising, fundraising and directing hate.
The Brexit party might be getting all the attention, but even the Conservatives and Labour have work to do to tackle poison within their own parties, HOPE not hate director Nick Lowles writes.
Half of BME people believe a no-deal Brexit will worsen race relations in the UK. We must do everything in our power to make sure these fears do not become reality, writes Rosie Carter
Hope Not Hate Campaigns Director, and former Labour Adviser, Matthew McGregor and Ryan Shorthouse, Chief Executive of moderate Tory Think-thank Bright Blue join Arj and Paul to discuss elections, conference season and whether the Lib Dem surge is tangible.
Analysis of new mega-poll concludes just 35 seats across nation have more people who think no-deal would leave their family better off than those who think it will harm them.
And fewer than one-in-10 members would be proud of Britain if the country elected a Muslim leader, Hope Not Hate study found.