University Of East London Bans Preacher 'Who Says Homosexuality Is A Filthy, Shameless Disease'

London University Bans Preacher 'Who Says Homosexuality Is A Filthy, Shameless Disease'

A preacher has been banned from appearing to speak at the University of East London after it reportedly emerged he had said homosexuality was an "obscene, filthy, shameless" disease.

Imran ibn Mansure, who is also known as Dawah Man, was due to speak at an event organised by the university's Islamic society (UEL ISoc).

Members of the society have accused the university of bully tactics, with one former sabbatical officer saying the decision "reeked of Islamophobia".

In a homemade video, Imran ibn Mansure blames "filthy" Western culture for homosexual impulses which comes "under the category of 'obscene, filthy, shamless'," the Evening Standard reported.

"It’s not something you were born with, the same way a person who’s sick, we’re all born healthy but then you get an illness so you take the treatment to get rid of not only the symptoms, but the disease."

The society broke the news on the group's Facebook page saying it was "lost for words".

Shakira Sez, who used to work at the union, posted underneath the news, saying: "This reeks of Islamophobia to me. I think Isoc should send in a request for an event with Steven [sic] Timms the [MP] that voted against gay marriage.. and see if those speakers are allowed onto campus."

According to Sez, the event was cancelled in spite of the speaker being dropped and assurances attendees would not be segregated by gender.

A spokesman for the university said: "We cannot.. offer a public platform to speakers known to publicise and disseminate homophobic views. These go against our equality policies and more importantly UEL’s core values."

The preacher offers advice on everything from parent relationships, marriage and exams.

In one advice video, he addresses the case of a young Muslim woman who says she watches porn and masturbates. In another, he advises a woman how to get over her ex-partner, who was a lesbian.


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