30/11/2014 15:30 GMT | Updated 30/11/2014 15:59 GMT

Dog 'Saves Children's Lives' During Road Rage Shooting In America

A German Shepherd is reported to have saved the lives of a car-full of children after it shielded them from bullets during a road rage incident.

The family's SUV was followed into the car park of a shop in Atlanta by the driver of another vehicle who had nearly collided with them earlier.

A witness said: "About five minutes later, they pulled back through they just rolled right up. You know what I’m saying? They pulled the gun out and started clapping."

dog shooting

The dog caught on CCTV

"They had hit the back of his car. Which the dog had jumped in front of the bullet I guess to save one of the children or the wife."

Tragically, the dog was caught on CCTV after being shot running around the back of a building where it died of its wounds.

One of those who witnessed the shooting said: "The dog took the bullet for the kids so the kids would be safe."

Atlanta Police Sgt. Gregory Lyon said: "They were fired upon and their family was terrorised and they survived that only to find that their pet is now gone. It’s sad for the whole family, especially the day after Thanksgiving."