Blair Christmas Card: Tony & Cherie Want To Deck The Halls With Your Blood, Possibly

7 Alarming Questions Raised By Tony Blair's Christmas Card

It's the beginning of December and the Blairs have sent out their Christmas card.

But rather than fill the world with festive cheer, it does in fact raise some rather alarming questions.

1) Firstly, why would a former Prime Minister with a net worth of around £20 million send out a card with such a bad picture on it?

2) Why is this year's card so secular? For a man who decided to go to war inspired by his faith, this card is particularly non-descript. It doesn't even say Christmas.


3) Why is Tony looking at us like we've just spilled his pint?

4) Is it perhaps just a look of a man with his wife's hand somewhere unspeakable?

5) Is this is all part of an evil plan to make us unable to sleep forever?

Of course, it is possible that this is just the card he's sending to all of his enemies.

6) Isn't it oddly reminiscent of that episode of Friends?

Despite almost everyone thinking this card was fake and a total joke, when the Huffington Post approached Tony Blair's office they confirmed that the card is actually real.

This picture of awkward, deer-in-the-headlights Tony with his un-ironed shirt is actually the one they chose which poses the most vexing question of all.

7) How bad must the other photos have been?!


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