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What Makes You Feel Like A Man? Being Comfortable In Your Skin, Fatherhood Or Buying A House?

Guys, at what age do you feel most like a man? And what makes you feel that way?

We're not talking about being able to get served in a bar. We're talking about being a real 'grown up' guy with responsibilities. We're talking about being the man.

While most teens growing up think that manhood comes at 21-years-old, for many guys it's not the case.

In fact, a new survey shows that 82% of guys don't actually feel like 'fully-fledged' men until they hit 32.

being a man

Transforming from a boy to a man is, according to most, dependent upon a lot of things. But it mainly boils down to being comfortable in your own skin.

Most men feel 'at their peak' when they hit 30-years-old. They'll put more time into their appearance to boost confidence, spending over four hours on grooming and an hour working out every week.

Additionally, 7% of men spend up to £1,000 every year in a bid to look and feel good. It's pretty important and is valued highly by most.


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The study found that the top ten qualities of becoming a man are:

1. Being comfortable in your own skin (39%)

2. Becoming a father (28%)

3. Financial stability (25%)

4. Being in a committed relationship (25%)

5. Owning a home (25%)

6. Getting married (20%)

7. Knowing how to shave properly (14%)

8. Reaching career goals (10%)

9. Being well-travelled (8%)

10. Owning a pet (2%)

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Additionally, 40% of British men strive to accomplish all of their lifetime aspirations by the age of 35, says the research by Dove Men+Care.

Meanwhile, one in four Londoners expects to achieve them five years earlier than the rest of the nation, before 30.

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