These Cute Puppies Enjoying Bath Time Will Definitely Melt Your Heart

Puppies Enjoying Bathtime Is Probably The Cutest Thing You'll See Today

This adorable puppy may be the most chilled canine on the planet as he blissfully settles into bath time.

The two-week-old was close to death when he was found abandoned in a dumpster with his two sisters – but now it looks like his troubles are a million miles away.

The puppies were found by Dallas Animal Services and referred to the DFW Rescue Me animal shelter where volunteer Claire Fowler was tasked with looking after them.

The 21-year-old student said: “When they were found they were covered in fleas and would not have survived without their mother.

“The little guys need round-the-clock care. They can’t use the restroom by themselves or even regulate their own body temperature.

"I do everything for them and they need to be fed every couple of hours.”

She added: “I decided to film him in the bath because he was enjoying it so much and I really wanted to capture it.

“He just looked so content. His sisters definitely do not enjoy bath time as much as this little guy but it needs to be done.

“Their mother isn’t here to keep them clean so I have to do it and then blow dry them – they need constant care and attention.”

Because they are so young the puppies are yet to be named.

“We are trying to think of some really strong names for the three of them," added Claire.

“But they’ve only just opened their eyes and they do a lot of sleeping. As they get older we will start to see more of their personalities and will have a better idea of what to call them.”

With Christmas soon approaching Claire has some advice for anybody who is thinking of buying a puppy.

She said: “People should be looking to adopt puppies instead of buying them at Christmas time - there are so many puppies in shelters that really need a loving home.

“But that advice should be taken onboard all year round.”

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