Creative Tech Products We Coveted Most In 2014

Whether you need your technology to clean the house, keep you fit, or deliver top-notch sound to your ears, 2014 has been a great period for new consumer gadgets.

And luckily, we've stayed on top of the best-of-the-best all year, so you didn't have to...

As HuffPost Tech editor Michael Rundle pointed out in a recent blog, Christmas gift-giving has largely been replaced with Christmas tech-giving

After all, gadgets have surely become the only gift worth giving, right?

So as you head towards the big day and start working through those present lists, it's worth looking back on exactly what the world of tech delivered to our lives this year.

Here's a round-up of 2014's best products as reviewed (and loved) by the HuffPost team...

The Fan/Heater

Most Coveted Tech Products Of 2014

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