Question Time Won By Shouty Blue-Haired Lady

This Shouty Blue-Haired Lady Won Question Time

Thursday night's Question Time - billed as an epic showdown between Russell Brand and Nigel Farage - proved to be a bit of a damp squib in the end.

While there was the odd barbed quip here and there, the comedian and Ukip leader never really got going at each other as we all hoped they would.

Thankfully, the audience was on hand to provide a dose of surreal heckling that was universally lapped up by viewers baying for intellectual blood.

Shouty blue-haired woman (SBHW) started with some good old-fashioned insults aimed at Farage...

That's right, apparently Farage is a "racist scumbag trying to blame immigration on..."

But why would Farage do such a thing?!

Oh, because of his rich banker friends of course.

And she didn't stop there. Things escalated into a rather scary threat...

SBHW is from Thanet and she's coming for you Farage.

All of this was quite fortunate for Brand who had just been comprehensively smacked down by an audience member for his pitiful excuse for not running as an MP - he's afraid of "becoming one of them".

SBHW didn't just stop at the panel either, chipping in her blue-rinse tinted two cents worth at other members of the audience who described her as "the rudest woman I've ever met!"

Shouty blue-haired woman was tentatively identified.

And unveiled as a master of colourful disguise.

Naturally, lots of people loved her.

Although quite a few were a little afraid.

Not everyone was a fan though.


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