Woman Pays Off Christmas Presents For Complete Strangers Totalling £12,000

Mystery Woman Spreads £12,000 Festive Spirit Paying Off Stranger's Gifts

Here's a lovely little does of early festive cheer.

A mystery woman paid for the Christmas gifts of complete strangers, spending £12,000 in total.

The incredible act of generosity happened at a branch of Toys R Us in Bellingham, Massachusetts, when the lady paid off all of the items on the store's reserved list.

A single mother who was one of the lucky ones on the receiving end, said: "I thought, ‘You have to be kidding me.

"I almost wanted to cry. It was only $50, but to me that’s a lot of money, and that someone would go and do that gave me chills.

"What she did was so caring and thoughtful,” Linda added. “I feel like I was part of something special – touched by an angel."

The mystery benefactor has been described as a "bubbly older woman" and hugged the manager as she made the payment.

She said at the time: "If you have it, give it."

Apparently she also claimed it would help her sleep better at night.

Toys R Us spokesman, Bjorn Trowery, said: "With the holidays here, people look for interesting ways to spread some cheer."


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