Licia Prehn, Who Is Blind, Wows The Internet With Her YouTube Cooking Programme

Does cooking anything without the help of the microwave feel like too much effort after a long day at the office?

Try chopping onions when you can't see more than a few inches in front of your face. Licia Prehn is busting stereotypes about blind and visually impaired people with her amazing video of her cooking tortillas.

The clip will be the first in a weekly series in which Prehn, born in Pennsylvania but now living in Finland, shows how she is able to live normal life, despite being almost blind.

While walking us through the cooking process, the mother-of-one talks about her visual impairment and her baby daughter, who suffers from the same rare hereditary eye condition as her.

According to research, if a newborn has an operation before they are 12 weeks old then the effects of the condition may be reduced. Prehn is crowdfunding to help with the costs surrounding this surgery for her daughter.

This is not the 24-year-old's first popular video. Prehn bravely decided to wade in on a debate on Reddit when some users were suggesting that Stevie Wonder isn't really blind. She posted a video showing how she could use her computer despite being partially sighted, which attracted 100,000 views.

However, Prehn received negative comments and some harassment from Reddit users and she decided to remove it. But she changed her mind when a group of web developers contacted her to thank her for posting the video after it helped them understand how they could make displays and video designed for visually impaired users.

Prehn is now determined to change people's perceptions of the limits placed on visually impaired people with further videos - we look forward to seeing more from her.

(H/T: Daily Dot)