"It was terrifying to be outside in the dark as a blind person in a place I didn’t know."
"The cane is significant to my journey as a legally blind barrister."
"It feels like a whirlwind of emotions, where I am floating in different feelings and colours”.
“I’m angry, I’m disappointed, but most of all, I’m sad not to be representing my country,” swimmer Becca Meyers said.
Attending scans isn't the same experience for women with visual impairments either.
One day, I want to just be seen as an artist, not as a differently-abled artist. But right now, I have an opportunity to show people that having a sensory impairment isn’t a life sentence.
Because I can’t mingle and chat in a loud, crowded room, people often call me boring. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.
Lockdown is a worrying, unsure time for us all. But spare a thought for those of us with sight loss and at extra risk of being further isolated, writes Clive Wood.
I felt guilty about not telling him the whole story of my diagnosis right away. Honesty is supposed to be a mainstay of a healthy relationship.
The Danish company is testing AI software that translates its toys' visual building instructions into braille and audio for visually-impaired Lego enthusiasts. The company collaborated with Matthew Shifrin, whose family friend would translate building instructions into braille for him. After her death, Shifrin decided to make the instructions accessible to others, eventually leading to the collaboration with Lego.