Plus-Size Woman Asked Editors To Photoshop Her, This Says It All About Our Standards Of Beauty

It's already been done by the likes of Esther Honig and Priscilla Yuki. But for Colombian-American, Marie Southard Ospina, there was a growing urge to find out how photoshop experts would perceive not just her beauty, but her size as well.

Seeing first hand the results of digital slimming on Esther Honig's before and after series, Ospina sent her photograph out to avid photoshoppers in over 20 countries.

Her expectations were initially very low.

"After seeing Esther Honig’s photo series, I was struck by just how often she was slimmed down," says Ospina. "Photo editors totally changed the structure and shape of her face and upper body. And she was already slender!

"So I was curious as to what photographers and photoshop professionals would do to me — considering I actually have a chubby face."

She writes on Bustle of how growing up in the 'first world' she's become increasingly aware of how being fat is perceived as a negative thing. "Stereotypes include, but are not limited to: laziness, selfishness, stupidity, naiveté and even a lower socioeconomic class," she adds.

But when she received the images back from countries including Latvia, India and Italy, Ospina found that - much to her surprise - only three had visibly slimmed her down.

"The results weren’t at all what I was expecting," reveals Ospina. "Overall, that definitely makes me feel positive. I don’t think we fat shame any less all of a sudden. But I do think that linear view of beauty that revolves around “only thin is beautiful,” isn’t universal. And that’s definitely a good and important thing."

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