'Sexist Of The Year' 2014 Award Goes To The Sun's David Dinsmore

Guess Who Won The 'Sexist Of The Year' Award

The Sun's editor David Dinsmore has been named 2014's 'Sexist of the Year', following an annual poll run by the feminist coalition End Violence Against Women (EVAW).

Dinsmore received the "prestigious" accolade on account of his "valiant persistence in peddling pornography under the guise of ‘news’".

In case you haven't put two and two together: they're talking about Page 3.

Dinsmore and his paper have been the focus of feminist campaign group No More Page 3 since 2012. Their petition, which currently has almost 785,000 signatures (and counting), calls on Dinsmore "to drop the bare boobs from The Sun newspaper".

After the results of the poll were announced, the group pledged to send Dinsmore a 'No More Page 3' t-shirt.

“Our warmest congratulations to David Dinsmore for his valiant persistence in peddling pornography under the guise of ‘news’," EVAW’s spokesperson, Sarah Green, said in statement.

“Mr Dinsmore no doubt provoked more nominations than any other sexist this year for his additional daring in creating a cancer prevention campaign as a blatant cover for continued daily sexual objectification of women. Transparent!”

Second place for this year's prize went to Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto 5, which was nominated due to new content that allows players to murder female prostitutes.

Third runner-up was Richard Dawkins for his controversial tweets around rape and paedophilia.

Previous winners include Robin Thicke for his 'rapey' single 'Blurred Lines' in 2013, while George Galloway took 2012's prize for his comments on sexual violence against women surrounding the Julian Assange case.

“EVAW has undermined its own cause in the desire for a bit of cheap publicity. The ‘cancer prevention campaign’ they admonish has won industry awards, and independent polling has shown it has had a hugely beneficial effect on rates of breast cancer awareness and detection among Sun readers.

“At least four female Sun readers have said they owe their lives to The Sun’s Check ‘em Tuesday campaign, which only the most closed-minded would deny is a great outcome.”

Speaking to HuffPost UK Lifestyle, No More Page 2's Lisa Clarke said: "In all honesty, while it makes us giggle a little, it would be amazing if David saw this as an opportunity to make much needed changes, to move with the times and start featuring women just as they do men - for their abilities, their talents and the stuff they have done.

"The Sun's initial statement suggests they are unwilling to look at themselves, instead pointing out other terrible things happening to women in the world. Whilst those things are valid, what we hope is that after this initial somewhat off the cuff answer, they might take some time to reflect on the fact that this was an entirely public vote and that what has been shown here quite clearly, is that people DO feel that women's representation in the tabloids matters, that it IS important in terms of the way it affects how women are viewed and treated and that it needs to change now."