Men Use #MenimistTwitter To Discuss Gender Equality And Their Issues With Feminism

Any true feminist knows that feminism is about gender equality - not man hating.

But unfortunately it seems some guys on Twitter do not think feminism speaks for them.

These men have branded themselves "menimists" and have taken to social media to tell feminists how they feel.

The #MenimistTwitter hashtag isn't new, but it's certainly gained momentum in the last month. Although, some do still seem unsure on how to spell it (come on guys, you need to agree on a spelling before you start a social movement).

While it was previously being used to make misogynistic jokes that many women found offensive...

The hashtag is now being used by many males who want to seriously discuss issues facing men in the 21st century.

It's great that men are talking about gender equality, but we're wondering whether they really need their own movement to do so.

Earlier this year, Emma Watson's powerful #HeForShe speech highlighted the need for men to support feminism in order to improve life for both sexes.

Menimism risks creating an "us against them" scenario where men and women are pitted against each other, rather than supporting one another.

Men who identify as menimists and women who identify as feminists essentially want the same thing - fair treatment for all - so wouldn't it be better if we all worked together to achieve it?

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