Ukip's Earthquake 2014 In Review: A Timeline Of Key 9 Victories

A Timeline Of 9 Key Victories In Ukip's 2014 Earthquake

2014 was the year that Nigel Farage's prediction of a Ukip earthquake came largely true. Over the course of the last 12-months he saw his party win the European elections and gain two elected MPs - and send David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg into a panic over how to confront the new threat.

Despite a flood of controversial comments from Ukip candidates, including Farage himself, the party has gone from strength to strength. Much to the bafflement of its critics. And with just over four month to go until the May general election, Ukip is polling on average around 14%.

It would also be easy to nine embarrassing or downright bizarre moments (The Ukip carnival, defending the word "chinky") that Farage's party has had in 2014, but in the spirit of Christmas, here are his nine key victories.


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